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Zenmed Review

If you are looking for a skincare/cosmetic company whose products are completely holistic, there is probably no better choice than Zenmed. Zenmed is a distinguished skincare company for several reasons.

First of all, they are one of the few cosmetic companies that adopt a 100% holistic approach in their manufacturing process. Their products do not contain any synthetic fragrances, sulfates, sodium lauryl or any other kind of petrochemicals.

In case you did not know, most skin care cosmetic companies use these chemicals/synthetic additives in their products, to make the manufacturing of their products cheaper. With Zenmed, they have absolutely no exceptions when it comes to use of ingredients that aren’t 100% natural.

Moreover, Zenmed is also unique in the sense that they are an environmentally friendly cosmetic company, a rarity these days. None of their products are tested on animals. They are also one of the few cosmetic manufacturers out there that only use vegan products.

They also voluntarily contribute to the green revolution by using only recycled material to make the boxes with which they ship their products in.

Adhering to such high quality manufacturing and ethical principles have meant that Zenmed have gathered a very large and loyal fan base over the years. Anyone who is accustomed to purchasing cosmetics on the Internet would have invariably heard of Zenmed, or even purchased a product from them.

Zenmed is a very unique skin care company in the sense that they help customers understand their skin problems. You will find plenty of resources at the Zenmed site that talk about why particular skin conditions are caused. Apart from just selling products, Zenmed also offers tips and valuable suggestions that will help potential customers arrest the cause of their skin problems.

As explained further down in this article, Zenmed also goes out of their way to make personal product recommendations to customers who are not sure about what products they have to buy, for their particular skin problems.

In the passages below, we will give you an closer look at the products that are made by Zenmed, and also give you an insight or description on how their e-commerce site works.

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What are the list of products that are offered by Zenmed?

Acne products

Zenmed is probably most famous for their acne treatment solutions. Unlike other skin care companies that offer a standard acne treatment solution, Zenmed has gone all out to provide acne solutions to people with any kind of skin type. They have complete acne kits, deep cleanse acne treatments, acne treatments for oily skin, combination skin and treatments that are specifically meant for dry skin. They also have body washes, acne masks, acne gels and even acne cleanse capsules that try to solve acne problems that are related to digestive problems.


They have a complete skin care treatment product for those who are suffering from problematic cases of the Rosacea condition, which results in flaky and reddish skin. Zenmed’s Rosacea treatment consists of a cleansing cream, an anti-redness mask and a support serum that tries to eliminate the skin condition. Zenmed’s Rosacea treatments are available, separately, for both oily skin and dry skin.

Scar/dark spot creams

Zenmed has a very popular scar/dark spot treatment cream in the form of their “skin eraser kit”. The skin eraser kit contains a skin eraser and a microdermabrasion treatment cream. Both the microdermabrasion treatment cream and the skin eraser can be bought as separate products as well.

Eczema/Dermatitis creams

Both eczema and dermatitis can be tackled with Zenmed’s DermCare system. The DermCare system consists of a cleanser and the DermCare lotion, both proven to significantly reduce the symptoms associated with eczema and dermatitis. The creams help stifle reoccurrences as well.

Daily care products

Zenmed is very popular for their daily, facial skincare maintenance products. Their most popular product is the “The 3 step system”, that uses cleansing gel, a AHA/BHA complex cream and a AVT cream to render smooth, flawless facial skin, if used consistently. One can also purchase any of the three components of the 3 step system separately, if they don’t want to go all out with the comprehensive care that the kit provides.


Zenmed has every type of cleanser that is needed for particular skin problems. It has cleansers that tackle dry skin affected by acne, oily skin that is affected by acne, combination skin that is affected by acne as well as normal skin that is affected by acne. Zenmed also have gentle cleansers for sensitive skin. All cleansers can be bought as a separate product or as a component in a more elaborate skincare package that is tailor made for a skin type.

Skincare supplements

Zenmed has a unique range of skincare supplements that are available in the capsule form. As an example, consider their Derma Cleanse capsules. They use a list of natural ingredients in a capsule that will help with detoxification of the skin, once consumed orally. Similarly, they have other supplements such as “Ensa”, “Zenhance”, “AvaCare” and the “Skin support supplement” that all have various antioxidant and skin vitalizing/energizing properties.


Zenmed’s AVT cream is very highly regarded as a top grade moisturizer in the cosmetic industry. The AVT cream consists of several vitamins, jojoba oil, borage oil and several anti aging peptides that provide a moisturizing cream that both maintains and rejuvenates the skin.

Zenmed also have other popular moisturizers like the oil free moisturizer with SPF 30 and SPF 40 protection levels, if you are looking for moisturizers that you can wear out for daily use.

Purchasing products at the Zenmed store

The Zenmed e-commerce store, at www.zenmed.com, is one of the best e-commerce stores in the online cosmetic market. Finding products will be a complete breeze at their well laid out store that separates products into the categories mentioned above. You will also have access to a live chat representative who will answer questions about the products that Zenmed carries.

You can also seek the chat operator’s assistance if you have any kind of problems with the shopping or checkout process at the store.

Zenmed has a very unique and interactive program called the Skin Solver that will help you find the exact product that is needed for your unique skin problem. You will just have to fill out the questionnaire that will help identify your skin problem and they will then suggest products that will best tackle that particular problem.

button clasicWhat is the shipping policy at Zenmed?

Zenmed charges a flat shipping rate of $6.95 for standard U.S. and Canada orders. Standard delivery is usually done within 4-7 business days. However, one must understand that Zenmed often has specials where they eliminate the shipping charge on the sale of certain products.

Customers who wish to get their products at a faster rate may do so by paying a $35 fee for expedited shipping. With expedited shipping, customers usually get their products overnight or in just a couple of days.

Zenmed ships internationally as well, for a $15 flat shipping rate. International orders can take anywhere between 10-14 days, depending on the country that the order was placed in. In some countries that do not have a very efficient postal system, orders can take up to 21 days to arrive in the mail. Expedited shipping for international orders, is also available, selectively, for $35.

Once an order is shipped, a customer will be able to track the progress of their shipment by using a USPS tracking number.

Top sellers at Zenmed

Derma Cleanse System

Derma Cleanse System This is one of the most popular products at Zenmed.

It is suitable for all skin types and helps in clearing up a person’s complexion, quite dramatically, when they have acne problems.

It uses a herbal detoxifier supplement, a gentle cleansers and a medicated acne treatment solution.

People who use this product usually see very good results within just 10 days. It is one of the most re-ordered packages at Zenmed.

button clasicFacial Cleansing Gel

Facial Cleansing GelThis is another hot seller at Zenmed that is re-ordered time and again by loyal Zenmed customers.

The Zenmed facial cleansing gel is a very gentle cleanser that uses a pH balanced cleansing solution.

It does not contain any sodium lauryl or sodium laureth sulfates that make it a very natural cleanser that is safe for use, even twice a day.

It contains aloe vera and tea tree oils that both cleanse and nourish the skin at the same time. This cleanser has become very popular because it does not dry out the skin like how most other commercial cleansers do.

button clasicSkin Support System

Skin Support SystemIf you are looking to restore skin that is affected by dryness or Rosacea, this is probably the best product out there.

The Skin Support System is also suitable for those who suffer from redness of the skin, uneven skin tone, aging skin and even for those who are affected by persistent pimples.

The Skin Support System consists a gentle cleansing cream, an anti redness mask and a support serum that together produce great results on dry skin that is affected by redness and Rosacea type rashes.

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