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What Are Zits And How Are They Caused?

Zits have many other different names. The word zit can often be interchanged with other words such as acne, blackheads, whiteheads or pimples. In this article, we will quickly try to explain what zits are and we will also list the most popular causes of zits.

What is a zit?

To understand what a zit is, you will have to understand the process by which the skin naturally expels oil. All of us have sebaceous glands that produce oil and sebum. Normally, this secretion would come up to the surface of the skin and then be expelled, when we wash our face or when we shower. Sometimes however, this oil or sebum can become trapped in skin pores that are closed or clogged.

When that happens, the oil and sebum is attacked by bacteria that will then create pus like material that will start to build up within the pores. Once the accumulation starts to build, the pus will begin to form a round, white zit that will surface on the area of the skin. Over time, the zit will break and then heal itself although it can leave ugly scars until it heals itself, sometimes even after it has healed. Below, you will find information on the causes of zits.

What causes zits?

There are several factors that can cause an outbreak of zits or just a single zit. Some of the most common ones are briefly discussed below.

Genetic – Some people are unfortunately cursed with a genetic trait that makes them more prone to developing zits and pimples.

Hormonal changes – when the body goes through a lot of hormonal changes, like when it does through puberty, zits can appear as a side effect. This is why most people who suffer from zits are those who are going through puberty, in their teen years.

Oily skin – People are particularly prone to zits, acne and pimple problems, if they have oily skin. Since oily skin produces more than an average amount of oil, the chances of blocked pores becoming infected are dramatically increased, in people who have an oily skin type.

Menstrual cycles in women – Women often develop zits during their menstrual cycles, due to hormonal changes that will in turn affect the skin.

Bad diets – A diet that is high in junk food will create a perfect breeding ground for the skin to develop zits and other related problems. A diet high in sugary foods is often the worst culprit when it comes to causes of zits.

Pollution – Skin that is constantly exposed to dust, smoke and other allergens obviously has more of a chance of developing blocked pores, which can in turn lead to zits.

Bad hygiene – When one has oily skin or even normal skin, they must take care to exfoliate their skin on a regular basis, to clean the skin’s pores. When one neglects their skin, the pores can become blocked and easily be affected by acne and zit problems.

Though zits are very common, they are easily treatable as well. There are plenty of acne treatment solutions that can dramatically reduce or eliminate zits, within a fairly short time.