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Tips for Flawless Asian Skin

Flawless Asian SkinAsian skin is very unique. Human beings have evolved in such a way that the body naturally adapts itself to live in a certain geographical area. This is why people from different parts of the world have different and unique characteristics in their skin.

When it comes to Asians, you will notice that they usually have oily skin. This is because Asians generally have more sebum glands than people in other parts of the world, like for instance America or other western countries. Asian skin is also particularly vulnerable to sun damage. Below, you will find a few good tips for flawless Asian skin.

Don’t fight the oil production

The most prevalent mistake that Asian women make, when it comes to skin care is that they fight the natural oil production of their skin, at all times. Instead of using cleansers and scrubs to always clean away your oily pores, let them be and cleanse the skin using very mild cleansers. As far as exfoliation is concerned, please limit exfoliation of facial skin to just once a week. Exfoliating the skin or cleansing it too often will mean that you will actually be encouraging more oil production, as sebum glands become aggravated and overactive, thereby providing you with counterproductive results.

Preventing dark spots

Though many Asians are thankful for the fact that their skin is not as prone to wrinkles as people from other parts of the world, they are usually well aware of the prevalence of dark spots or sun spots that can easily affect Asian skin.

As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure and it definitely applies to dark spots. Do your best to keep the dark spots from affecting your skin in the first place. To do that, you will need the best of protection against the sun. Use high quality sunscreens that will make use of strong sun blocking ingredients such as zinc. You must also make it a point to re-apply sunscreen every now and then and also try to stay out of the sun during peak hours.

If sun spots have already begun to affect you, try some anti-aging creams that will contain an ingredient called hydroquinone, a mild bleaching element that will even out your skin tone. Some skin brightener creams will also be able to remove sun spots and correct uneven skin tone.

Vitamin C

When you buy moisturizers, try to shop for those that contain vitamin C as an active ingredient. Vitamin C will promote the production of natural collagen in your skin. The collagen will then work with your sunscreen to prevent dark spots or sun spots from affecting your skin.

It is not just beauty products with Vitamin C that will help Asians when it comes to skin care. Vitamin C in a diet can also prove to be very beneficial as well.

Tomatoes and Zinc in your diet

Asian cuisine will generally make use of a lot of tomatoes. If for some reason you are an Asian who is not a big fan of tomatoes, you must reconsider that preference as tomatoes contain an ingredient called lycopene, a natural antioxidant, helping you reverse skin damage caused by the sun.

Make it a point to also include foods that are rich in zinc. Foods such as oysters, red meat and even lentils contain generous amounts of zinc that has a natural tendency to fight against inflammation of the skin. It will reduce the chances of an acne breakout and will also increase the production of collagen which will in turn protect your skin against damage by the sun.


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