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Philosophy Review

is a very unique skincare/cosmetic product company. As you can tell from just the name, they have a very different approach to addressing skin care problems. They believe that healthy skin contributes to the beauty of the human spirit.

Thus, they don’t see their products as just beauty enhancers from the outside, but as beauty enhancers on the inside as well, helping people improve their self confidence.

Below, you will find a brief description of the philosophy brand, their store, their products and their reputation.

button clasicPhilosophy – The history behind the company

The company was founded by Cristina Carlino, in 1996. Christina is a veteran entrepreneur in the skincare and health/wellness niche. She is also the founder of Biomedic, another very popular cosmetic company. Though she sold Philosophy in the year 2007, her principles and ideals have been followed by the new management, that continues to run philosophy just like it did under Cristina.

Several of their products have won distinguished awards. Some of their award winning products are “hope in a jar”, “amazing grace”, “with gratitude”, “help me” and “purity made simple” among other products. We will write about some of these award winning products in more detail, a little later. Philosophy have received several awards from QVC customer choice beauty awards, best of Sephora, Shape of Beauty awards and the CEW beauty awards.

Philosophy sells their products both online and offline. Customers can buy their products directly from philosophy by shopping at philosophy.com. Offline customers can purchase any of the products from the Philosophy line by shopping at popular stores like Macy’s, Ulta, Nordstrom etc.

Philosophy also engages in charity work. Sale from some of their products like the “Shower for the cure” are donated to charity, in its entirety. Their charitable efforts have been recognized and appreciated by several communities, which has in turn allowed them to become a well liked brand over the years.

Products offered by philosophy

Philosophy products are generally broken up into the following broad categories. Skin care, fragrance, bath & body and gifts. We have elaborated on each category below.

Skin care – Philosophy carries cleansers, intensive treatment creams, moisturizers, exfoliators and peels, eye care products, lip care products, sun care products as well as beauty products that are specifically targeted for men’s use. Some of their skin care products are actually flagship products for the philosophy brand. “the microdelivery” is their best cleanser, having won a couple of awards. Similarly, their best moisturizing product, “hope in a jar”, is another excellent product that has secured more than a couple of awards.

Fragrance – Philosophy, apart from being very well known for their skin care products, are also very well known for their line of fragrances. Their “amazing grace”, “summer grace” and “pure grace” line of fragrances have been great sellers over the years. They have a few other less popular but unique fragrances that go by the names of “eternal grace”, “falling in love” and “unconditional love”.

Bath & Body – Philosophy has a wide range of products that are aimed at care of the bodily skin, as opposed to facial skin care. They have bath gels, body moisturizers, body scrubs and exfoliants, flavored lip shines, hand and foot treatment creams and hair care products as well. In this line, they also sell several kits or value sets that will allow a person to buy skin care treatment in a convenient package, as opposed to buying several items separately.

Baby products – Philosophy also carry a small line of baby products, with a comforting diaper cream and a moisturizing lotion being the only products that are specifically meant for babies.

Gifts - Philosophy realized that there is a huge demand for their products and have made it very easy for one to gift philosophy products to others. Customers have the option to buy readymade gift sets that are themed for certain occasions like birthdays or weddings. Philosophy also sells gift cards.

Buying products from the Philosophy store

Part of the immense success of the philosophy brand has to do with their very efficient e-commerce store, located at www.philosophy.com. Their online store has an excellent user interface, with products neatly grouped in appropriate categories and subcategories. Finding a product is extremely easy.

Once you do find a product that fits your purpose, you can easily learn more about the product from the neatly laid out sections that go over product descriptions, features, benefits and size and quantity details. You also get highly targeted product recommendations when you use their very efficient search bar.

button clasicCustomer service at philosophy

Customer service through phone, is available 5 days of the week. The customer care team does not work on weekends. You can reach philosophy’s customer service team by calling 1.800.568.3151.

Once an order is placed, customers can track their order by signing into their account and by clicking on the order tracking tab. Alternatively ,they can also call customer service to track their order’s shipment progress.

Shipping details

Philosophy ships for free, when your total order exceeds $50. If your order happens to be below $50, philosophy will charge you a $5.95 shipping rate. By default, orders are shipped through ground shipping which will usually take about 5-10 business days to reach a recipient in the mainland U.S. Philosophy is able to ship internationally as well, although they do charge a $39.95 shipping fee. International orders are usually shipped within 7-12 business days.

Customers in the U.S can avail expedited shipping at additional costs, if they don’t want to wait the few days that ground shipping usually takes. Express shipping at $9.95 will allow for shipping within 3-6 business days while expedited shipping at $16.95 will allow the product to be shipped in 1-3 business days.

Pricing and discounts

Philosophy offers special quantity discounts on all their popular products. They have versions called super size products that allow you to avail a discount, where you pay comparatively less for a product that is usually more expensive in the small and standard sizes. They also have value sets that allow you to buy their popular products in sets, again helping you save quite a bit of money if you use a lot of their products.

Philosophy also hands out promotional codes on a regular basis and are particularly aggressive with seasonal discount coupons as well. Once you become a customer with them, you will get coupons and discount codes, in your e-mails that you receive from them. They also have a clearance section called “final farewells” where slow moving products are sold at heavy discounts.

First time purchasers are usually entitled to some very attractive discounts. Currently, they have a special where any first time buyer who places an order over $65 will get a free fresh start skin care set that will consist of a cleanser, an eye cream and a moisturizer as well.

One thing about the promotions at philosophy is that they often rotate the discount coupons and special deals, meaning that an offer will usually last for a few days or weeks. It is not possible for customers to use older coupons on current orders. However, with the rate at which promotions and discounts keep coming out from the philosophy store, one will rarely have anything to complain about, when it comes to availing discounts and special deals.

What kind of payment options are accepted at philosophy?


Philosophy accepts all major credit cards and debit cards. They also accept PayPal as a payment option.

Most popular products from philosophy


Hope in a jar

Hope in a jar This is their best selling moisturizer that has won several awards for its effectiveness as a product.

It contains antioxidants that both rehydrate and nourish the skin.

Regular usage of this product can result in skin that is glowing and smooth to touch.

It is a high intensive moisturizer that yields accelerated results. It is best used after a cleanser. Philosophy recommends that you use this product both in the morning and evening, to obtain the best and fastest results.

This moisturizer is not meant for use under the eyes.

buy nowThe microdelivery

The microdeliveryThis is a exfoliating face wash that is a great complimentary product to the “hope in a jar” product.

It is a very unique and special cleanser in the sense that it does not contain any sulfates. This cleanser is rich in antioxidants.

It is a peel type cleanser that results in some resurfacing benefits.

When used with a moisturizer, this cleanser can produce some dramatic results with facial skin, although it can provide good results as a standalone product as well. This product is also a recipient of several awards.

buy nowAmazing Grace

philosophy fragrance amazing graceAmazing grace is the best selling fragrance at Philosophy.

It is a spray based fragrance that uses a very pleasant floral scent, that lends a clean and light tropical flavor.

It is suitable for young women who wish to exude grace and class.

This fragrance is very highly reviewed and rated not just at philosophy.com, but at other third party cosmetic shopping sites such as Amazon a well.

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