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Natural Remedies For Bad Foot Odor

Natural Remedies For Bad Foot OdorWhen you come home from a long day at work and remove your shoes, you should be able to sit down and relax without having to worry about everyone in the house smelling your feet.

Foot odor is something that is very embarrassing and can cause you to feel very insecure about taking your shoes off. If you often have a strong and foul foot odor, you are probably looking for ways to keep the smell away so that you don’t have to worry so much about it.

Here are some ways that you can keep your feet smelling much better so you don’t have to feel ashamed anymore!

Home Remedies to Reduce Foul Foot Odor

1. Washing Your Feet Correctly
Not many people pay much attention to their feet when they take a shower and for some, it’s okay. But for some, washing your feet in the shower is mighty important in reducing foot odor.

There are sweat glands on your feet that produce a lot of perspiration that is made up of sodium chloride, minerals, fat, water and many different acids. With certain bacteria, this perspiration will break down and create a very bad odor. This is why you need to wash your feet and all of the bacteria away with a deodorant soap.

Scrubbing them with the soap and a rag with warm water is the best way to wash your feet, just be sure you get in between your toes just as much as the rest of your feet. You also want to be sure that you dry them very well! You don’t want left over water residue adding any extra foul odors.

2. Washing Your Feet Often
It’s important that you wash your feet enough to ensure that all of the bacteria is removed. You don’t want to wash them too often, however, as this will end up removing essential oils that the skin on your feet need to keep them protected.

If you have a strong foot odor, you may need to wash them a few times a day. If you start to see your feet becoming cracked and dry, it’s important that you stop washing them as much during the day.

3. Using Salt on Your Feet
If your feet tend to sweat much more than normal, use kosher salt to wash them! Add half a cup of kosher salt to a quart of water, warm water is the best for your feet. You then put your feet in and soak them.

Don’t rinse your feet off afterwards, just ensure that you dry them very well. Salt can dry up the skin quite a bit which is good for those who sweat a lot on their feet.

4. Who Says Deodorant is Just for Your Armpits?
Deodorant is great for making your armpits smell better when you sweat.. So why wouldn’t it do the same for your feet? It can! If you use deodorant on your feet, it is important that you read the labels.

Deodorant will work well with killing the bacteria on your feet but they won’t stop any sweating that you feet has. Yes, it will still eliminate odor that creates when the sweat meets the bacteria. Antiperspirants stop the sweat and the smell altogether! So it’s best to use antiperspirants on your feet rather than deodorants.

5. Avoid Strong Foods
When you eat strong smelling foods such as onions, garlic and peppers, they eventually pass through your bloodstream and into your sweat. This means that when you sweat, the smell will be much stronger than normal because you’ve eaten such strong odored foods.

If you avoid these foods, that means that the sweat from your feet won’t smell any worse!

It’s important that you always allow plenty of time for your shoes to air out before you wear them again and always wear a different pair of socks every day. You can always sprinkle some cornstarch or baking soda in your shoes to make them smell better as well!

Both will absorb moisture in your shoes and keep your feet much more dry throughout the day. Your feet just need to be well taken care of and you won’t have much more of a bad smell to worry about!


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