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How to Use Cocoa Butter to Remove Scars

Cocoa Butter to Remove ScarsWe all have a scar on our body, it could have been from when you fell off your bike as a kid and scraped your knee.

It could be from cutting an apple but accidentally getting your finger instead of the fruit. There are a number of ways you could have gotten a scar on your body.

How you got it doesn’t really matter, the fact is that you have it and you don’t want to look at it anymore. Scars don’t have to last a lifetime! You can use cocoa butter to get rid of them instead.

Cocoa butter is a wonderful way to treat a number of skin conditions such as dry skin, chapped skin and it’s even good to help with razor bumps. But right now, we are going to tell you how to use it so that it removes your scars!

1. Wash Up
Before you start applying the cocoa butter, clean your body. This will help prepare your body for the treatment that the cocoa butter will do. Exfoliate your skin with a wash cloth that is a bit more course than other rags. Wash your skin with a body wash that will help exfoliate your skin as well.

Exfoliating your skin will give your skin extra healing benefits. Make sure your body gets really clean! Use a towel and pat dry your skin. You don’t want to drag the towel when drying as it can cause irritation.

2. Using Your Cocoa Butter
Put a small amount of cocoa butter on your hand an apply it to the area where your scar is. Make sure that you are firmly massaging into your skin in a circular motion. The rubbing motion, that again is supposed to be very firm, will help in smoothing the appearance of your scar.

The moisture that is in the cocoa butter will help breakdown the collagen protein that is in the scars.

3. Continue Massaging
It’s important that you continue to massage the area until the cocoa butter completely disappears. Your skin will respond in great ways to the moisture that the cocoa butter provides. The main factor that will help in removing your scar is the hydration that the cocoa butter gives you. You need to be using pure cocoa butter!

That is the only way it will really help in getting rid of your scars. Whether it is an old scar or a newer one, the pure cocoa butter will moisturize it in a way that will help build new skin over the scar.

4. Continue Applying the Cocoa Butter
You should apply the cocoa butter to your scar about three times everyday! You will start to notice that the scar will become much more smooth and you will actually like how it looks!

Because it becomes so smooth, it also becomes much less visible. The more you massage your skin the with the cocoa butter, the more it will heal.

This goes for any type of skin condition that you may have. If you suffer from dry or cracked skin, this is one of the best ways to heal it. So the more often you use the cocoa butter, the more it will heal your skin and remove those scars that you have been dealing with for years.


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