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How to Make Your Eyes Stop Hurting

How to Make Your Eyes Stop HurtingWhen you feel pain in your eye, there are a number of different reasons why this might be. It could be that there is something in your eye, allergies, the lighting and much more.

You may not be as worried as to what is causing your eyes to hurt, you may just want the pain to stop so you can feel better!

Here are some things that you can do at home to help your eyes get the relief they need so you can see better and not feel any more pain.

1. Avoid Touching Your Eye

If your eye is in pain, you don’t want to rub it, scratch it or anything else that is only going to prolong the pain you are feeling. You will also put more bacteria, dirt and other particles into your eye if you rub it constantly.

If you feel that your eye needs to be touched, be sure that you wash your hands thoroughly.

If you need to examine your eye or touch it to try and get something out, be sure you wash your hands with soap and water!

2. Ask for a Second Opinion

If you have looked and you don’t see anything in your eye, ask someone else to look for you. If they are going to touch your eye to try and inspect, make sure that they wash their hands as well. If they happen to find something in your eye, the person can blow into your eye to try and move the item out.

This can be very annoying but it can get whatever is in your eye out! You can also wet a towel and hold it on your eye. This is a great way to rinse your eye out if there is something in it.

3. Keep Blinking

Blinking is a great way to produce more tears in your eye. Tears may not sound like they are going to make anything better but if you have dirt or other particles that are causing pain and irritation, the tears can clean them out. Blink very fast as this is the best way to produce a lot of tears at a time.

Squeeze your eyes shut to let the tears come out of your eyes and down your cheeks. It is likely that they will take any particles with them as they fall down.

4. Rest Your Eyes

Your eyes may be overworked at the moment. Take a while to lay down with your eyes closed and maybe take a nap. It is possible for your eyes to just be really tired and they may not want to stay open right now!

Taking a short nap is the best way to make them stop hurting if they are just tired. If you are at work, sit back in a chair and rest your head on something for a moment. Close your eyes and keep them shut for as long as you can before you have to get back to work.

5. See a Doctor

If your eyes are constantly hurting and you’ve tried everything, you may just need to see your eye doctor to find out what the problem is. There are number of different things that your doctor can do for you to help make your eyes feel better. There are many medications that your doctor will prescribe you to make you feel better!

Make an appointment if you have tried everything and nothing seems to do the trick at making your eyes feel better.


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