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How to Do a Home Body Wrap

How to Do a Home Body WrapYou may have seen someone lay in a body wrap on television before. They always look as if they are in really fancy spas that would cost a fortune, which can lead you to believe that only people who are rich and famous can have them done.

This is actually not true! You can have a body wrap done to you in the comfort of your own home. Just in case you aren’t sure why they do a body wrap, they are done to help lose weight. It speeds your metabolism as well.

Here are 8 steps to follow so that you can do a body wrap at home!

1. Get What You Need
Go to your nearest drug store and purchase some body moisturizer along with a sea salt scrub. You will also need to buy a product that will help detoxify your body. You don’t need to buy the products that cost you a fortune, there are many products that you can buy that won’t cost you too much money.

2. Find a Place to Lay
Some people find a large table, such as a massage table, to use for their body wraps. You need to place the table in a room that has enough room for you to access the table fully. Cover the table that you are using with a fitted sheet. Before you set your table up, plug in your crock pot and allow it to heat up while you are setting up your table.

3. Get Some Washcloths
Find about 10 washcloths in your home. Place them all in the sink and let water run all over them. After you get them all wet, roll them all up in and put them in the crock pot that you heated up before. This will keep them nice and warm while you do other things for your body wrap.

4. Undress
Remove all of your clothing. You may keep your underwear on if that makes you any more comfortable. It’s important to have another pair of underwear and some other clothing ready for when the body wrap is done.

5. Start Exfoliating
This is where you will need another person to come in and help you out. You lay down on the table with your back facing upwards. Have the other person come in and exfoliate your skin by rubbing the sea salt on your body in a circular motion.

The person should start at your legs and move their way up to your arms. You then flip over and they do the front side of your body as well. You can keep something covering the private parts of your body if you don’t feel all that comfortable in front of this person.

6. Wash Up
Step into the shower and rinse the salt off of your body. You can also use a warm towel instead if you don’t feel like standing in the shower to rinse it off.

7. Moisturizer
You will now have the person that was helping you before, rub the oil moisturizer in a circular motion all down the back of your body and then the front. Just as the person did with the sea salt before. When they are done doing this, they will then get plastic wrap and wrap your legs and torso area up with it.

8. Wool Blanket
After they have wrapped you with plastic, the person will then need to cover you with a wool blanket. They will also need to place the heating pad on top of the blanket. This will ensure that you sweat! Leave the blanket and heating pad on for about fifteen minutes.

After you sit in the wrap for fifteen minutes, have the person cut you out of the plastic safely. Use the wash cloths that you put in the crock pot to wipe away all of the sweat and moisture! Drink some tea or water to help you stay hydrated as you just sweat quite a bit.


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