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Best Skin Care Products for Men

Best Skin Care Products for MenAsk most men about their skin care regimen and they will probably talk to you about how they wash their face regularly, with soap!

However, if you are reading this article, it would obviously mean that you are more informed than the average man and are one that realizes that men need good skin care as well, just like women.

In the sections below, we will try to introduce you to some of the best men’s skin care products that are available today. As you can see, these products address a wide range of skin care problems that can affect men.

Best moisturizing or night treatment cream for men (face)

Evolution has led to a society where men spend a lot more time outdoors, much more than their women counterparts. Spending time outdoors means that the skin is exposed to the sun, humidity, winter, dust, pollution etc.

All these environmental factors can take a slow toll on a man’s skin. For this reason, it is important that a man applies a moisturizing cream at night, to rejuvenate and reverse all the damage that the skin might have undergone during the day.

Hope in a jar, by Philosophy

Hope in a jar, by PhilosophyAn excellent product that is suitable as a moisturizing /night treatment cream for men is the “hope in a jar” product by Philosophy.

This is one of the most potent night treatment creams that is available in the market today.

It is full of antioxidants and moisturizing elements that will both repair and maintain a man’s skin. It also makes the skin smoother and leaves it with a glow and even skin tone that will make the facial skin much more noticeable, after just a couple of weeks of usage.

The hope in a jar moisturizer has actually won awards as being the best night treatment cream available in the market. It is actually a unisex product that has managed to gather a large following among men.

read more Philosophybuy nowBest cleanser for men (face)

The concept of cleansing might be an alien one to men. There are probably millions of men out there who have never cleansed their face, ever. Cleansing the face is not the same as using soap or shower gel to just wash the face.

A good cleanser will scrub the pores and relieve it of dirt and grime that might be deep seated. Though women often use a cleanser almost every day, a man will find that using a good cleanser just two or three times a week will usually suffice them well.

The Microdelivery, by Philosophy

The Microdelivery, by PhilosophyThis is a great cleanser that is free of any harmful sulfates.

Just like most Philosophy products, this cleanser contains a healthy dose of antioxidants.

It also contains some very fine and gentle exfoliating elements in the form of borago offcinalis seed oils, oryza sativa rice, bran wax and several other unique ingredients that are not found in most cleansers.

Ideally, a man will get the best results of a moisturizing cream or night treatment cream if they used this product first, to prep the skin for other treatment creams.

read more Philosophybuy nowBest skin brightener for men

As men spend a lot of time outdoors, they are often cursed with the problem of having very uneven skin tone. Some areas of the skin tan or darken a lot quicker than other areas of the skin.

Thankfully, a good skin brightener cream can reduce or even eliminate this uneven skin tone. A good skin brightener cream will also eliminate brown patches and dark spots as well.

The Revitol skin brightener cream

Revitol skin brightener creamThis is probably the most popular skin brightener cream that is very effective on men’s skin.

It is a 100% natural product that is made with safe herbal ingredients.

This skin brightening cream contains arbutin, lumiskin, shea butter, evening primrose oil, grapefruit seed extracts and several vital vitamins that will correct a man’s uneven skin tone in a matter of weeks.

Since the product is made with herbal ingredients, it is safe enough for daily usage.

read more Revitolbuy nowBest anti aging solution for men

It is a well known fact that men age slower than women. This is reflected in a man’s skin as well. However, there is a certain age where the age will begin to show in a man’s skin as well.

Fine lines, wrinkles, uneven patches and crow’s feet are the usual tell tale signs that a man will see, when he ages. Though aging of the skin is not a process that can be stopped, it can be slowed down quite considerably, with the help of a good anti aging cream.

The Revitol anti aging solution

Revitol anti aging solutionThis is an immensely popular product that is aimed at both sexes.

However, it has become really popular among men as it provides accelerated anti-aging effects.

When one uses this herbal product on a daily basis, they can begin to experience an elimination of fine lines, elimination of dark under eye circles and an evening out of the skin tone.

This great anti aging solution for men will also make the skin more taut and hydrated as well. This is an excellent product for a man to try out if he has never really engaged in any sort of a skin care regimen before.

read more Revitolbuy nowBest shaving gel for men

Shaving creams are dime a dozen in today’ market. Some roughneck men will even use soap to get in a quick shave when they don’t have access to shaving cream. However, one must realize that a good shaving cream can make a shave that much more smoother, even if one is using fairly mediocre razors.

A good shaving cream or gel will also protect the skin against bumps and cuts that can lead to pebbly skin, especially in the delicate skin under the chin.

Razor sharp, by Philosophy

Razor sharp, by PhilosophyThis is an excellent shaving gel from the Philosophy brand.

It contains a silicone based shaving gel that also contains aloe vera, kiwi fruit extracts and anthemis nobilis flower extracts as well.

The silicone ingredient allows you to get a super close shave while the aloe and the flower extracts smooth out and nourish your freshly shaved skin.

read more Philosophybuy nowBest acne skincare for men

Acne is a problem that many men face during their younger years. A few adult men can also continuously suffer from acne problems, well into their adult life, especially if they have oily skin. Though acne is indeed a very frustrating problem, it is not one that a man will have to live with throughout his life.

A proper approach to an acne problem can lead to the successful elimination of the acne condition in just 4-5 weeks. If you are looking for product suggestions to end your acne problems, you will find an excellent recommendation below.

Zenmed Complete Acne Kit

Zenmed Complete Acne KitMany men who have used Zenmed’s comprehensive Complete Acne Kit have been impressed at the pace at which it corrects an acne condition.

The Zenmed complete acne kit consists of a cleansing acne gel, a facial cleansing gel, a botanical acne mask, a AHA/BHA complex cream, an oil free moisturizing lotion as well as a refining scrub cream.

This is one stop solution for a man’s acne problems and it is even available in different kits that are compatible with various skin types like dry, oily, normal and even sensitive skin.

The kit even provides you with Derma cleanse capsules that will eliminate toxins in your body, thereby help relieving your acne condition from the inside as well.

read more Zenmedbuy nowBest sunscreen for men

If you are a man who doesn’t really believe in a lot of fussy skin care, you must make it a point to at least have a high quality sunscreen in your closet. Using a sunscreen before you head out in the sun will protect you from the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays.

A good sunscreen will also contain moisturizing elements that will protect your skin against dryness that will in turn protect your skin against premature aging.

Here comes the sun, by Philosophy

Here comes the sun, by PhilosophyThis is an excellent sunscreen that is preferred by many men as it contains defense mechanisms against aging and dryness.

It offers a very healthy SPF 30+ (broad spectrum) protection against the sun.

It is a very lightweight sunscreen that any man can wear discreetly, without letting others know that he is wearing a sunscreen.

This sunscreen is also water resistant which means that men will be able to make it last through an entire day, even if they sweat it out during work or play.

read more Philosophybuy nowBest under eye cream for men

While men are blessed with skin that is easier to maintain, it has to be said that the skin under the eyes are subject to a lot of problems such as darkness and puffiness. Stress can also play havoc in the layers of skin under the eye.

A good under eye treatment cream can however reverse and even prevent all that damage.

The Revitol Eye Cream

Revitol Eye Cream

The Revitol eye cream contains potent ingredients such as niacinmide, bisabolol, n-hydroxycicinimide and chrysin that can eliminate puffiness, dark circles and even crow’s feet.

This men’s eye treatment cream will also make the skin under  the eyes softer and tauter over time.

read more Revitol

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