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Best Fragrance for Men

If we had to give you the name for the best fragrance for men, as in a single perfume, it would be an incredibly difficult task as there are so many great fragrances out there. Several reputed brands have perfumes for men that have all managed to gather a very large fan following, over several years.

Though it would be totally unfair to give you the best recommendation on particular men’s fragrance by naming just one fragrance, we thought we would go ahead and take the risk to give you what we think is the three best fragrances out there, for men. These findings are purely based on popularity ratings and sales figures. We just pulled the perfumes that have been consistent bestsellers in the market.

1. Cool Water by Davidoff

Cool Water by DavidoffThis casual fragrance is meant for use during the day. It is light enough to be worn for work or casual appearances.

At the same time, the signature scents is just strong enough to make an impression as well, the kind that will linger on the mind of people who take in your scent.

You just can’t go wrong with this fragrance that is very well liked by almost everybody.

It has been around since the year 1988. It uses a brilliant combination of lavender, jasmine, musk and sandalwood, with just a hint of oak moss to give you a great flavor in your perfume. Highly recommended if you are shopping for a first men’s fragrance.

Rating = 5/5

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Acqua Di Gio for menAnother casual fragrance that is great for wear during the day. Acqua Di Gio is a pretty recently released product, having first been introduced in 1997.

Though it has had less time to compete against mainstays like Cool Water, it has managed to pull in a large and loyal customer base who love the ocean scented flavor.

It is a very Mediterranean flavored perfume that uses citrus notes, rosemary spice, wooden notes and the flavor of the ocean breeze.

Rating = 4.8 / 5

buy now3. Obsession for men, by Calvin Klein

Obsession for menCalvin Klein has had huge success with this perfume that is available for both men and women. The men’s version was released in 1986.

This perfume is also a daytime wearer that is very casual in personality. As for the flavor of the fragrance, you will find musk, sandalwood, amber and even a touch of mandarin and a few spices, giving you a scent to remember.

This is highly recommended for the really young crowd who are into fragrances. This can also be a great first perfume to try out for men.

Rating = 4.2 /5

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