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acne guideAcne is a condition that affects the skins with pimples and scars.

However, a lot of people do not know that acne is actually caused by hair follicles that become entangled with debris, impurities and dead skin cells that accumulate in the skin’s pores.

Generally, acne affects the skin on the face although it can also affect other areas of the skin such as the back, shoulders and chest as well.

The problem with acne is that it is very damaging both physically and mentally. It can affect people of all ages and the younger demographic is particularly affected by the acne problem as they become very subconscious about the acne scars that they carry on their face.

Thankfully, acne is a condition that can be treated and even eliminated, if approached in the right manner.

How can acne be treated?

Over the counter acne products

Over the counter acne products are the most popularly used method to fight off acne and acne scars. The market is full of acne solutions that are usually tailor made for a particular type of skin. If you are interested in purchasing an acne solution, it is highly recommended that you buy a complete acne kit that will come with a cleanser, acne gel and a moisturizer as well.

Zenmed’s complete acne kit is one such excellent product that will give you a complete acne solution. When you purchase the Zenmed complete acne kit, you will get a cleanser, an acne gel, an acne mask, a AHA/BHA complex, a oil free lotion, a scrub  and even capsules that will allow you to tackle your acne problems from the inside, by removing toxins in your digestive system that are causing your acne problems. The Revitol acnenize solution is another excellent acne kit that will give you good results, in an accelerated time frame.

If you have only a mild case of acne, you can try a single product like the “Clear days ahead” by Philosophy, an overnight acne repair cream that contains salicylic acid and comes with treatment pads.

If you have gone through a bad phase of acne that has passed but left you with ugly scars or pock marks, you might benefit from a good scar removal cream like the Revitol scar cream, a very popular cream that can also be used for other types of scars such as burn scars, surgical scars etc.


It is possible to fight off acne with the help of antibiotics. Antibiotics are usually prescribed by doctors if they feel that the patient will experience a reduction of their acne symptoms from antibiotic medications. However, one must know that antibiotics can cause some side effects such as an upset stomach, dizziness and even temporary skin discoloration in some cases.

When taking antibiotics to fight off acne, you must realize that your skin is extra vulnerable to the sun’s rays. You must take extra precaution when you head out in the sun, wearing very good sunscreen or sunblock that will give you a high level of SPF protection.

Laser therapy

Some people have experienced a fair amount of success with laser and light therapies. Laser therapy or light therapy is when light or laser is used to intentionally damage the sebaceous glands, otherwise known as the oil glands, to an extent where they don’t produce as much oil as before.

Acne is a condition that thrives in oily skin and the laser treatment will make it less ideal for acne to persist in a person’s skin.

Though some people have enjoyed success with this treatment method, one should realize that the laser treated skin usually becomes very fragile after a treatment. Generally, doctors will advise patients to completely avoid the sun for at least a few days, after undergoing a laser treatment.

Tips to remember when shopping for acne products

Generally, you must keep the following in mind when you shop for acne products.

  • If you are buying a cleanser to keep your acne prone pores clear, it is imperative that you use the cleanser only according to the recommended usage directions. If the cleanser says that it can be used twice a week, you will be doing your skin a great disservice if you use the cleanser everyday
  • When shopping for acne products, look for products that contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide as the active or main ingredient
  • Some acne products will increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun. When that is the case, the product’s label will mention that warning and you will have to heed to it. Wear a good sunscreen to protect your skin if an acne product makes your skin more susceptible to the sun
  • When buying sunscreen that will protect your acne prone skin, make sure that it is a water based sunscreen that is very light. In other words, it should absorb easily and not smudge or smear.

How can acne or recurring acne problems be prevented?

Even if you have managed to get rid of your acne problems, you must remember that an acne breakout can return all of a sudden. However, there are some precautions that you can take to minimize the chances of a recurrence.

They are presented to you in the following points :

  • Since acne problems stem from pores that are not clean, it is important that you cleanse your pores regularly. Use one of the products mentioned earlier and cleanse your pores on a regular basis. You must be careful not to cleanse too often as even that can lead to irritation that will aggravate the acne condition. Make sure that the cleanser is an oil free product as well
  • If you have acne prone skin, it is highly recommended that you avoid makeup altogether. If you must wear makeup, you must shop for makeup products like foundation that are very light. Powder based make up products will also be a good choice over cream based makeup products as powder doesn’t clog the skin’s pores as much as a thick cream
  • Whatever you do, you must make it a point to go to bed with skin that is not covered by makeup, dirt, grime or sweat. If you fall asleep with pores that are clogged, you can almost be certain that acne will make a strong appearance in the morning, by the time you wake up
  • If you experience acne on your back, shoulders or even your neck, you must take a look at your choice of clothing. If your clothing is too tight or not made of breathable material, a simple change of clothing might be enough to stop your acne problems
  • If you sweat a lot, you must make it a point to shower often, to keep your pores clean and breathable

Home remedies for acne and acne scars

Below, we have discussed a number of home remedies that you can use to try to curb your acne breakouts or try to eliminate your acne scars.

Orange peel remedy

This is a very simple home remedy where you use some orange peels in a pounded form, with a little bit of water. The paste like solution reduces the severity of acne and acne scars, if left on for about 15 – 20 minutes at a time.

Lemon juice to control acne breakouts

Believe it or not, just a simple application of lemon juice can do wonders to curb acne breakouts. A thin lemon juice face mask can also reduce the intensity of acne scars.

Garlic for surface level acne treatments and as acne treatment that can be ingested as well

Take a clove of garlic and gently rub the juice in on the skin that is affected by acne.  Garlic has some potent antibacterial properties that can cleanse the skin at the surface level.

Many holistic doctors also recommend that a person suffering with acne problems should consume three cloves of raw garlic, once in a day, until their acne problems begin to diminish.

This home remedy is based on the principle that the garlic can purify the blood and thereby eliminate acne problems from the inside.

Cinnamon to eliminate pimples and scars

Mix in some cinnamon powder with some honey and apply it on your pimples before you go to bed. In the morning, rinse them off with water and continue to do this for about two weeks. You will be remarkably surprised at the results that this simple home remedy can provide in clearing up those ugly pimples and acne scars that haunt you.

Tomato pulp

Open up a can of tomato pulp and simply use enough to cover all the acne affected area of your skin. This simple solution, if left on for about 45 minutes, can also produce some very good results to help you with your acne situation.

Diet recommendation for avoiding acne

Though experts are still debating about whether acne and diets are related or not, most agree that a high glycemic food diet can lead to increased chances of an acne breakout.

A high glycemic diet is one that dramatically changes sugar levels in a person, after they have consumed a certain meal. White breads, sugary drinks and cereals fall under that category and should be avoided by those with acne problems.