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When you age, your skin turns tender.

Try Zenmed’s Facial Cleansing gel, at


How to Take Care of Skin in the 40’s?
How to Take Care of Skin in the 40s
Growing up, hormones are raging, and acne can get rough.

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What are zits and how to treat them?

Asian ladies have the smoothest skin,

but only if they nurture it correctly. Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub can help any lady of any origin can amazing & natural results.


Skin tips for Asians

Flawless Asian Skin


Philosophy hope hand cream is used by many

of the most attractive bodies in Hollywood.


Celebrities & Skin

Jessica Alba



  • Zenmed: Holistic approach all through production, with not even a hint of fragrances, sulfates or other potentially damaging ingredients. >> READ REVIEW
  • Philosophy: A household name which is associated with undeniable quality, and indubitable integrity. >> READ REVIEW
  • Revitol: Best value for product, excellent price, especially for larger quantities, while maintaining extremely high level of quality. >> READ REVIEW




Xkincare is a unique project which is meant to rank different skin care products, assign them a grade, as well as characteristics and then allow you, the user, to perform an advanced search for a product that suites your:

  • Current skin condition.
  • Special dermatological condition you may suffer from.
  • Budget.
  • Ethnicity.
  • + Will list the best price online, great deals this product is included in and much more. +

Products will be reviewed by top notch specialists with experience and expertise in the skincare area & purchase choices will remain true, albeit a compensation fee from the featured companies is in order.

On top of product reviews, we wish to provide expert guides that will lay out, from A to Z, how to convalesce your rind and turn it to a silky-soft-comfortable cover for your body.

We care about your skin, and should you. If you are above the age of 40, you probably know what I mean. Heavy smoking and other desecration of the skin really show their unholy mark at this age. If haven’t reached it yet, be weary, very weary, I suggest.

Words from the editor:

“I haven’t found the fountain of rejuvenation just yet, I have to admit, but if you want to APPEAR younger than your true age, and you will feel that urge once a certain point in your life passes, you should do whatever is in your power to preserve that massive organ in your body namely your skin. Skin care is more than “beauty” as some would refer to it. It goes way beyond that. It’s a part of every men’s (and women’s) health.”